Who We Are:


We are two Iranian designers, painters, and art entrepreneurs, who intend to develop, and adapt ourselves with global art using noble Iranian motifs and elements. We would like to put an end to borders using different media and concepts, and eclectic designs. We would also like to send the message of kindness and friendship to the world taking benefit of art and re-reading elements in the nature.


What We Do:


 We intend to enter the most private parts of people’s lives using decorative elements. This is part of our practical art activities, focusing on fashion and garments. We believe in the relaxation power of nature, and make attempts to transfer the same cleanliness and smile to individuals.

The outlines of our sabbatical leaves are as follows:

   • As for painting, we will point out a type of innovation in color and form using media such as oil painting, acrylic, and digital painting, and a prime focus on horse and carpet.
   • As for practical art section, we will implement our inspirations and luxurious designs on garments using ideas from carpet designs.



Our Team:



Mahdiar Pirzadeh

A designer, film director, and art entrepreneur, M. Pirzadeh has a BA in visual communication. He quit an MA program in industrial design. He is famous for being an innovative and ideational designer, and a coach for commercialization campaigns. He has helped many business people establish their own creative businesses. His sheer interest in noble Iranian art led him to work on the role of visual elements of handwriting and calligraphy in Iranian carpets for his dissertation. He is a founder of ArtIrani, and intends to be a harbinger of happiness and serenity inspired by Iranian artistic elements and using various forms, designs, and colors. Digital royal performance paintings, videos, and body paintings, and clothes design are among his activities in ArtIrani Project. He has also been the art and commercial director of a renowned magazine on horse-riding in Iran for six years.

Maryam Taheri Tafreshi

A carpet and rug designer, university instructor in carpet design and weaving, she enjoys the experience of designing and painting three grand global carpets. Maryam R. T. Tafreshi has attended various carpet exhibitions. She has designed and painted tens of hand-made carpets with different styles and textures for domestic and foreign customers. She has also been extending her artistic activities to new objects such as scarves, women manteaux, and neck-ties using colors and forms derived from nature. She is a founder of ArtIrani.

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